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I've been using this product for about a year and I can say the detection rate is impressive. Constantly being attacked by malware because I use my pc for work, MSE detected most of the threats. Only a small sample were missed.

The interface is uncomplicated with categories arranged in tabs making it to navigate through. However the monochrome color scheme seems an odd choice. Updates are published by Microsoft up to 3 times day, however there are no advantage of this unless the user loves manual update. MSE utilizes Windows Update service thus only checks for updates once a day.

On a my midrange desktop, there is barely any performance degradation. But MSE can impact PC performance especially one running with old and low-end hardware.

Finally, never, ever uncheck "Scan archive files" under "Settings > Advanced". Otherwise MSE won't differentiate ordinary archives and executable archives, making your PC vulnerable.

  • Good detection rate; Updates published 3 times day; Easy to navigate UI
  • Scans can't be paused; Dreadful color scheme for UI; Only checks for updates once a day; Not resource friendly on low-end PC; Uncheck "Scan archive files' makes your PC more vulnerable to threats.

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13 Apr 2011

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