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dlw1412 On Softonic since December 2014

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"Really The Best! And Free!"

Low CPU/Memory usage. I have used MSE for five years now, along with Malwarebytes and 9 Lab Removal Tool. Only had a few PUP's.

I have a old cheap laptop i like to test AV Products with and MSE is just as good if not better than the big names. Only MSE doesn't use all the resources the others do. Scheduled Scan works as it should. Updates sometimes twice in an hour. ( I have MSE set in *Registry* to check every hour) It is really the best AV Product out. It doesn't nag you, install other (Open Candy) Toolbars, etc, etc ... like the others do. No pop up's either. Just does it's job.

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18 Dec 2014

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